Motorcycle Handlebar Bag for Burgman 650 250 400 SR MAX 250 300 Xciting 400 250 Windscreen Bag Fuel Tank Bag Mobile Phone Touch

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-motorcycle handlebar bag

1. Cycling bag features small size and large capacity; with shoulder strap; a multi-purpose bag; can be hung on the bike/shoulder to meet your needs. Touch-screen mobile phone bag; enhanced waterproof fabric; light and comfortable texture; long service life.
2. The large space design inside the bag, store the personal belongings and emergency items in this bag; free of worry for travel; meet your different needs. There is a 1.5CM outlet hole on the bottom for easy charging when the phone is out of power, or listening to music while riding.
3. The transparent touch film has a clearer window, sensitive touch and better operation experience. The mobile phone is conveniently placed here for navigation. [Note: The transparent area is about 18.0*9.0cm] The detachable shoulder strap and the push-type buckle are designed for easy assembly. And take off the shoulder strap, change to cross bag in second, and you can adjust the length of strap at will. 4. Mobile phone bag features intimate protection. There are two sponge pads with hook and loop design to protect the mobile phone. The hook and loop is full of adhesive, and the mobile phone can be fixedly placed in the bag. The sponge pad increases the seismic performance and protects the mobile phone intimately.
5. The back three-point hook and loop for installation fix, the stickiness is more firm, and the disassembly and assembly is convenient and quick, saving time and effort.


Bag opening size: about 23*15*14CM