Motorcycle Cluster Scratch Protection Film Screen Protector For Honda Forza 300 350 NSS 300 350 forza300 2021 Accessories

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For Yamaha forza 300 350 Cluster Scratch Speedometer Film Screen Protector

-Condition:100% New
-Quantity: 1 SET
Color: Clear
Material:Thermoplastic polyurethanes(TPU)


* Precise cut to perfect fit on forza 300 cluster screen
Including with GPS Navigator Screen Protector

* Protects cluster & GPS screen from scratches, dust, debris and UV

* Easy to clean and wipe the dirt off without the fear to scratch the cluster screen

* Leave no residue when removed
Including Cleaning kit,Squeegee and Instructions.


1.Clean the cluster screen with microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dus;
2.Remove the liner with label Step1.(Make sure that the film doesn't come up with the clear liner)
3.With the liner removed completely, spray liberal amount of water on the adhesive side.
4. Alight the screen protector with button or edge then gently place it on the cluster.
5.Gently squeeze water and air pockets out with squeeze. Try to remove as much water and air pockets as you can.
6.Remove the liner with label Step2.(Make sure that the film remains perfectly aliged and doesn't come up with the top liner.
7.Use squeeze to remove remaining air pockets and water to complete the process. Congratulations! Your cluster screen is now fully protected with our product.
(Due to personal craft problems, maybe a little bit bubbles is a normal phenomenon.)