For Honda GROM MSX125 2013 2014 2015 CNC Adjustable Footrests Foot Pegs Rider Rearsets Foot Rest Pedal

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Fitment : GROM MSX125 rearsets
Fitment 1 : For Honda GROM MSX125
Fitment 2 : For GROM MSX125 2013
Fitment 3 : For GROM MSX125 2014
Fitment 4 : For GROM MSX125 2015

Motorbike Rearsets

Fitment : For Honda GROM MSX125 2013-2015

Rearsets Function

1.Max 40mm adjustable to give a better riding position you want
2.Adjustable clutch lever seperated from the footrest, for faster and more precise coupling (road/race ratios)
3.Rotating Controls, a pair of ball bearings, providing extremely precise movements
4.Fully Adjustable Positioning Of Foot Pegs To Allow For More Comfortable And Agressive Body Position


1.Material : 6061 Aluminum alloy
2.Color : Black,Gold,Titanium
3.Weight: About 1.3kg
4.Technology:High quality components,specially designed and manufactured fasteners,Precision Made From CNC Machined Billet Aluminium, Then Anodized

Details Display

Package Include

1*Set (Brake Rearset + Shift Rearset + Standard Shift )
Easy to install,No install instructions include

Installation Notice and FAQ

1. Brake light switch

The rearsets have a mounting point for the OEM brake light switch. You need to modify the spring of the switch, in order to install it. Also come with a neccesary spring.

2. Shift Linkage

The shift linkage of these rearsets is passing over the frame of the bike. Proper adjustment is essential for safe function.
(If you have any problems with the proper adjustment, please contact us. We will assist you until the item is properly installed.)

3. Brake Return Spring

All our rearsets will come with an external return spring for the brake pedal.

4. Riding Position

These rearsets are for sportive use.,more aggressive riding position. This means the pegs are more backwards and higher. Also the pedals are angled steeper
(they are pointing more downwards) to suit the more agressive knee angle.

Customer Service

1.Pre-sale service: Any questions about products and services will be answered by our professionals.
2.After-sale serveice:
(1) We have special personnel to follow up the logistics information of each commodity and solve the problems that may arise in international logistics transportation in a timely manner.
(2) After you receive the goods, if there are any installation problems, you can contact our customer service personnel, we will guide you to install.